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How to Plan Video for your Business

Let's say you're a B2B firm or a quieter brand, about to embark on a video project. And you want to know how to approach it well. These guides will help you quickly get a grip of what's involved, whether you're a first timer or a seasoned pro.

  1. CHOOSE A STRATEGY Choose between (A) affirming your reputation, (B) generating leads or (C) supporting sales. These strategies differ greatly in terms of content and delivery, especially for B2B or quieter brands.
  2. MAKE BRANDING SUPPORT SALES For B2B SME's social branding is getting harder - in its place, the new video-enabled sales era. Upgrade your sales playbooks. Video lifts sales closure.
  3. STOP HIDING Society needs visible companies, visible teams, declaring the good they do - when we truly see firms, we truly value them. Even software platforms should reveal the people behind them all - it just builds trust.
  4. KNOW YOUR MARKET Audience and competitor behaviour impacts on all firms, yours, ours, everyone's. When we know how responsive to story our audience is, or how noisy our competitors are, we can build our messaging wisdom.
  5. WORK REVEALS PURPOSE The human stories of aims achieved, pains and challenges overcome, reveal your purpose - audiences hail those who lead, inspire, innovate or just simply grind - so your filmed stories are important.
  6. FINDING YOUR USP Most firms worry that their USP is insubstantial. Yet with film, being different is easy and demonstrable - it's in the characters, the proposition, in your beliefs and processes, it's in everything human. And of course your firm is made up of humans. So USP is everywhere you have filmed.
  7. EMOTION WORKS FOR B2B Boards, investors and business audiences have hearts too - your spirit - your energy - can be a reason to invest or buy. So embrace the value of emotion, even for the dryest of audiences.
  8. HIDDEN BEAUTY IS AN ASSET Your firm is beautiful - but you're likely to be blind to it - objective outsiders can help reveal that beauty. So ask for help.
  9. BEFORE & AFTER Skill tells its own story - universally admired, the natural 'before and after' story is often the quickest way to explain and engage on video.

As marketing film-makers, we believe that ideas, pitches, demos - even facts and logical arguments - are best expressed creatively, because they engage more. Agree? Then call us and let's get to work!