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Video companies: cost, types, pros and cons

By Tim Cumming and Helen Pain, updated 25 Aug 2021

When the moment of choosing arrives, and the video you have in mind is ready to be shaped by expert hands, who do you turn to? There are six different kinds of video production providers, each with their own strengths and biases. Let's compare them and review their various costs, pros and cons.

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1. The Video Production Company

Video agencies are companies dedicated to creating and producing videos with an emphasis on creativity and filming. Some agencies specialise in animation, others in live action. Some of the bigger agencies will cover both of these and will be capable of producing dramas, as well as micro documentaries and promotional videos. If you're looking for creativity more than results, video production is a good way to go.

Pros of using a production company for business video

Cons of using a production company for business video

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2. Digital Marketing Agencies

Generalist digital agencies offer a broad range of capabilities, including search engine optimisation (SEO), pay-per-click, email marketing, web design and social marketing services. They're brilliant for multi-channel marketing and larger scale campaigns where you need to meet your audience across a range of varied and differing communication media.

These days, many digital agencies have become content marketers or content production specialists, meaning that their principal delivery is high value text, imagery and videos, which are visible on your social channels. Other digital agencies have specialisms in contemporary advertising: pay-per-click, video overlays and video interstitials in YouTube, and other video platforms. These are, perhaps, the more televisual end of the spectrum, and have a tendency towards highly emotional storytelling.

Pros of using a digital agency for business video

Cons of using a digital agency for business video

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3. Videographers

A videographer is usually a single person outfit with low costs, good capabilities, flexibility where you might want it, and is more likely than big agencies to follow orders. A videographer tends to be an individual who has a love of filming as opposed to a love of helping you connect directly in the most responsive way with your audience. If you're after look and image more than results, or perhaps you're on a super-low budget, a videographer could be your ideal pick.

Pros of using a videographer for business video

Cons of using a videographer for business video

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4. Media Trainers

Many media trainers have ex-broadcast backgrounds, with rich experience in PR interviews and on-camera behaviour and psychographics. If your intended video campaigns need to focus heavily around interviews, media training may well appeal to you, and you can ask for well-edited interview footage back from these firms after your training is complete.

Pros of using a Media Trainer for video marketing

Cons of using a Media Trainer for business video

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5. PR Agency

PR agencies produce and manage written and video messaging to your audiences through both mainstream and trade media, and increasingly through social and knowledge media. Their natural bias towards news means you're more likely to find former journalists there. If you're a news-seeking firm, or if your industry demands it, then PR firms can be a good way to go.

Pros of using a PR agency for business video

Cons of using a PR agency for business video

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6. Video Marketing Agencies

Video marketing firms not only make your videos but they get them seen too. They range from 'video-first' marketers to comprehensive marketing communications teams. Their natural bias towards marketing provides a results-oriented approach usually. If that's what counts for you, video marketers are a good choice.

Pros of using a video agency

Cons of using a video agency

Do List

  • Audiences: estimate who your target audience is and how they will engage with your video
  • Ambition: Size up your ambitions - are you looking purely for image, or leads, or more?
  • Compare: weight the pros and cons above, and shortlist it to two types of supplier
  • Evaluate: finally, estimate the ROI you'll be getting from each of your two shortlisted options, and there's your decision
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Already got this covered?

If you already have business videos and they're not generating response, there's much above that will help you improve their performance. But what would be even better than your current business videos?

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