Video brings your products to life and grows your company’s reputation.

Explore the value of a video marketing campaign...


Video brings your products to life and grows your company’s reputation.

Explore the value of a video marketing campaign...

Manufacturing videos that influence and motivate

Our videos will delight your audience with their warmth, creative visuals and authenticity. Your people describing the essence of your products with the passion and ethos behind their ingenuity. It will inspire and endorse. No other medium has such power.

We work with you from conception to realisation. Together, we’ll form a strategy, film and publish your video, before moving on to the marketing phase. Videos need to be seen – your message in the right place, viewed by the right people at the right time.

Understanding your challenge

We diligently bottom out the project’s underlying challenge – it really helps to frame the project this way so that the solution and desired outcome emerge clearly. For example: if your desire is for a simple, fresh internet presence, it maybe wise to lift the carpet a little – perhaps your brand is suffering from an absence on social media, invisible senior team and a cloudy client proposition. That’s a well defined challenge.

The job of videos

We like to give our videos a job – for example: to stimulate 40 enquiries a month. In the ‘internet presence’ case above, the task is clear: the job of the videos is to build visibility, trust and to reveal, clarify and distinguish.

And we like to add a time-frame for those KPI’s and then build simple strategies for them. We add context by basing our strategy on competitor research. We also use machine learning, incorporating our own unique video benchmarking system, to make the job of the video clear and distinct.

The video marketing process

Whatever content you’re considering, we’ll collaborate with you to conceive, film and publish videos that motivate your audience. That’s usually delivered in two stages:

a) Video production stage

  1. form a clear, creative concept
  2. film and create CGI, animation or graphics
  3. polish and finalise the videos
  4. publish on suitable platform, such as YouTube or sector-suitable clouds
  5. optimise, title, tag and SEO the videos to boost traffic

b) Video engagement stage

  1. share the videos on social media streams and groups, forums and republishers
  2. share with influencers, to encourage engagement and conversations
  3. use machine learning and humanised robotics to find super-desirable prospects
  4. approach each prospect individually with tailored messaging and the videos

To boost engagement and promote brand trust, our approach is publishing authentic and thoughtful content. And with our machine learning, we bring strategies with valuable market research and opportunities to the table too.

We deliver this creative content through a  variety of narrative formats, such as an explainer, a promo or a feature video. These all provide your company with an authentic voice. But they can also be helpful in expressing ideas in sales or operational areas too, such as sales pitches, staff development or streaming a live event.

But our work doesn’t stop there. We also use our machine learning to calculate the best times and locations to share, the best tags and SEO to use, and the best influencers to refer. And when we build prospect lists around these, it grows your audience and your direct messaging opportunities too, delivering qualified desirable leads to your inbox.

Measuring the outcomes

After the project goes live, we measure the desired response – viewings, clicks, landing pages, shares and much more, to measure the improvement in audience behaviour.

The outcome is a suite of videos that reveal your brand, your company, your products or services in the best light. Which results in trust – the moment when your clients truly see the good you do.

Your story, passionately told.



Production Management

Our experienced production management team will organise any specific technical filming requirements. We understand manufacturing, have years of experience and know what it takes to film successfully within your industry without complication. We hold all of the relevant licences that allow us to work in dangerous spaces, factory environments and enclosed spaces.

We work with any size organisation, from SMEs to multinational corporations.

Free feasibility session

Book a 20-minute session with one of our video marketers. Discover the value and costs of a campaign as it would apply to your firm, and how it’s worked for others in your market.

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