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This kind of video provides buyers with a short 2D or 3D explainer that animates the key points of a process, sector, region, or service. The aim is to generate interest from prospective investors, investees or other stakeholders.ANIMATED EXPLAINER CONVEY A PROCESS OR CONCEPT EASILY Case studies demonstrate your successes and reveal how you over came the challenges you facedCASE STUDY REVEALING THE GOOD YOU DO Help your Event reach a substantial internet audienceCONFERENCE LIVE-STREAMING EXPAND YOUR AUDIENCE Provides buyers with a meaty feature, giving conference detail, to engage investors and audiencesCONFERENCE VIDEOS ENGAGING YOUR AUDIENCE Demonstrating your Firm's Ethical and Social ResponsibilityCSR VIDEO ETHICAL AND SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY Provides buyers with a narrated and created visualisation of a single deal as it flows through your businessDEAL FLOW CREATIVE VISUALISATION OF PROCESS An educator that introduces expert understanding of a sector, region, service or processEXPLAINER VIDEO EDUCATING BUYERS Punchy answers to frequently asked questionsFAQ VIDEO CUSTOMER-FRIENDLY VISUALISED ANSWERS Journalist-fronted Insight of your FirmFEATURE VIDEOS GIVING CUSTOMER INSIGHT Provides You with Extensive and well-filmed footage to be used when budget or clarity is availableFILM NOW, EDIT LATER FUTURE USE Giving Viewer choices and Increased EngagementINTERACTIVE VIDEO INCREASING VIEWER CHOICES Reveal an Authentic you, in an engaging storyMICRO-DOCUMENTARY VIDEO REVEAL THE AUTHENTIC YOU Short Filmic Taster of your BusinessMOVIE TRAILER FILMIC TASTER OF YOUR FIRM Reveal your Product's Benefits and Relevance to BuyersPRODUCT VIDEO VISUAL PROOF OF A PRODUCT OR SERVICE Educate your viewers with a self-contained film-portraitPROFILE VIDEO CONNECT ETHOS AND CHARACTER TO YOUR AUDIENCE Demonstrate Progress and Reveal your OutlookPROGRESS REPORT REVEAL YOUR ACHIEVEMENTS Promo videos help your business put forward its best case to buyersPROMO VIDEO BOOSTING SALES AND GROWTH This kind of video provides buyers with a taster of your services, ethos, process, USP, strategy, investor experience and morePROPOSITION VIDEO GENERATE INTEREST FROM TARGET AUDIENCES Prospectus videos help you generate healthy levels of early-stage interest in your project, product, company or service. So they’re good at stimulating demand.PROSPECTUS VIDEO GENERATE EARLY STAGE INTEREST Show the Culture and Appeal of Working at your FirmRECUITMENT VIDEO SHOW THE CULTURE AND APPEAL OF YOUR FIRM This kind of video provides buyers with rich stories and documentary insights, taken from five continuous days of documentary film makingRESIDENT FILM-MAKER VIDEO PROVIDING COMPANY INSIGHT Short features, providing event details to engage investors and audiences who were unable to attend
			AROUND THE TABLE THOUGHT-LEADING DISCUSSION Engaging live video feed, providing seminar detail, engaging investors and audiences that were unable to attend.LIVE SEMINAR STREAMING CONNECTING EVENT AUDIENCES Engage investors and audiences that were unable to attend, filmed live at the event, can include delegate reaction, behind-the-scenes and off-stage footage.SEMINAR VIDEO DISTILLING YOUR SEMINAR Social snippets provide buyers witha series of short extracts to release to social media to generate interest and drive trafficSOCIAL SNIPPETS BUILD TRAFFIC WITH TEASER EXTRACTS Reveal the quality of your product or serviceTESTIMONIAL VIDEO REVEAL THE GOOD THAT YOU DO Provides buyers with a brief, private insight suggesting a technique within a sector, region, process or serviceVIDEO TIPS USEFUL SECTOR INSIGHTS Illustrating and Demonstrating your Training ProcessTRAINING VIDEO DEMONSTRATE YOUR TRAINING PROCESSES Filmic Representation in Your Choice of GenreUS THE MOVIE FILMIC REPRESENTATION IN YOUR CHOICE OF GENRE Boost Open Rates and Start Better ConversationVIDEO EMAIL START BETTER CONVERSATIONS This kind of video provides buyers with a series of 5 minute topical explorations of a sector/technology/geography/instrument that positions you expertly.VLOGGING ENGAGE WITH YOUR ONLINE AUDIENCE