Pricing Guide

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BRANDED VIDEO PRODUCTION: £12k - £35k per bundle of 5
Branded video production

Branding videos build image, reputation and audience engagement. Depending on style, scope and location, a bundle of 5 x 2 min films will typically cost £12k - £35k. Smaller bundles cost more per video. What usually keeps the budget to the lower end here are fewer filming days and locations, simpler filming standards or simpler 3D animation.
How we produce branded videos.

WORKPLACE VIDEOS: £4k - £8k per bundle of 5
Personal video production

Personal videos persuade your audience directly from your place of work. Depending on style and scope, they typically cost between £3k - £7k for 5 x 2 min videos, and with savings of up to 33% for larger bundles (eg 4 senior figures, with 3 videos each). Higher quality production or heavy editing will usually push the budget to the upper end of the scale here.
How we create personal videos.

VIDEO CAMPAIGNS: £2k - £8k per month
Video marketing campaigns

For steadily building your brand engagement and lead flow. Video content campaigns typically costs between £2k - £8k per month, depending on video style and campaign scope. They usually last 3-12 months. Higher production values and broader reach are at the upper end of the scale here.
How we produce branded videos.

VIDEO PROSPECTING: £3k - £8k per month
Video prospecting campaigns

Video Prospecting steadily grows your qualified leads and modernises your sales playbook. Video prospecting typically costs between £3k - £8k per month, depending on your sales team size, the volume of leads you desire, and the style and the scope of content.
How we deliver video prospecting.