Sales Enablement How video brings sales channels to life

Close more prospects with Sales Enablement. We film you with buyer relevance and a clear proposition. And then deliver videos which nurture, objection-handle and convince leads.

Which supercharges your sales performance.

Why sales enablement matters

Sales enablement gives your salespeople information and tools to sell more successfully. Which means revenue. Enough said.

While PDFs and emails are commonly used in sales, video is an essential accelerant in any sales enablement plan. Use video in email, pitches, docs and decks. And in public and private pages of your website, and social media. Imagine what you could do with video:

  1. speed learning - fast-track saleteam learning on any service or product
  2. recruit better - employ high calibre salespeople
  3. speed onboarding - improve efficacy of salesperson onboarding
  4. engage prospects - engage digitally at every part of the sales cycle
  5. advance remotes - improve remote teamwork and training
  6. skyrocket prospecting - watch your lead generation climb sharply
  7. fortify demos - make remote demos more potent
  8. professionalise - inject professionalism to meetings

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Which sales assets are right for you

Choosing which assets are most appropriate is easy - just balance your investment according to the balance of your salesteam performance in each of the five main areas below. Research by IDC, Forrester and Gartner all regularly show a jaw-dropping 20%-40% time wastage by salespeople on non-selling tasks - content gathering, lead research and manually responding to the most repititive of information requests. In other words, waste. Which literally translate to a 20%-40% loss of sales. And there's absence to consider too, but harder to rate - the absence of reputation for example is harder to quantify.

Wherever your challenge is biggest, you should focus sales enablement video and other tools there. Here are common problems in under-performing salesteams:

Where to deploy your sales enablement

With targets to hit in a limited budget and timescale, it's going to matter to you where you focus effort. Here's some practical inspiration:

Video prospecting

Video prospecting example: CQC canvassed first-line investors with this explainer

Prospecting is really just two immense tasks and a hundred minor ones: targeting exactly the right people, and emailing a correctly-toned message with a customised video (this gets around 300% more click-through). Everything else is just lists and filtering, spambots and timing, domains and bounce management, testing and a myriad of delicate tech. Prospecting also works better with a visible reputation for when your target scopes you out, and strong website landing pages that chime with your message.

Client-facing nurtuing or closure activity

Sales video example: Dunedin nurtured leads seeking investment with this case study

Anecdotal video adds warmth to discussions with prospective clients. Ideally from a case-study or tutorial, but a testimonial or even a seller's story can carry that warmth. Whenever sellers follow up with a client, a relevant video can lead to a renewal, upsell, or cross-sell. And sales calls and remote presentations become more convincing with demos, benefits and implementation videos. When you can't meet, customised videos and top-end Zooms are a great compromise option. We sell pro kits for this - see them in our sales demo.

Client onboarding

Onboarding video example: NVM used this case study to onboard new investees

Tutorials, demos and walthroughs all speed up client onboarding. And save you from repetitive explaining. But you need your Zooms to maintain close relationships. And tasters of those videos are useful there too. As tasters of your guidance to your onboarding support. Incidentally, your Zooms should be just as professionally lit, mic'd and camera'd as your films. How you look really conveys professionalism to the client. And that reflects on your firm and proposition. Ask about our pro kits for Zoom when you book an onboarding demo.

Salesperson recruitment

Recruitment video example: Aurum used our video to recruit new brokers

Typically, it's hard to find a decent salesperson, harder to recruit them, and it can take months for them to learn your ways well enough to sell successfully. Many firms rely on senior sales people to introduce new hires to company culture, sales strategies, and the services. But tying up experienced sellers temporarily reduces sales capability. You can sweep away these two challenges with our custom sale recruiter videos. It's particularly helpful if your firm has various offices or remote sellers. New hires learn at their own speed with video training. Plus, novices and veterans can rewatch at any time to refresh their memory. Very helpful, considering most employees forget 35% of their training in a month and up to 90% after six months.

Sales teamworking and training

Sales teamworking video example: Hertz used our conference video to build unity and teamwork

Video is a highly accessible tool to train your sales force and share new service information. 75 percent of sellers prefer training video over reading, according to Forrester Research. Because video delivers just-in-time learning and microlearning, allowing sellers to learn at their own speed. Retention climbs too - over 60% compared to intensive learning. Team members can share insights, tips or announcements too. And indexing the transcripts makes all the videos so much faster to search

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Creative team

Our creative team is ready to help you with developing sales enablement. Ready to build ways to improve both client-facing and team-facing assets. These will be enrich and fortify your team perfomance. Together, we'll cover:

  1. the five key workflows that impact sales performance
  2. the handful of core messages that you want every viewer and reader to absorb, no matter what they see or read
  3. the priority and value of each asset, and their role
  4. your sales messaging priorities on the big six business emotions - confidence, optimism, surprise, empathy, trust and loyalty
  5. the adaptation, should you need it, of designs not just for your videos, but also your website, social profiles, email, pitches, Zooms, decks and docs
  6. the tracking of results and frequency of revisit for refreshing your sales enablement pack

When the creative team finish their work, your sales enablement videos will feel consistent, bang-on-message and commercially useful. And your your prospects will see you, feel you and know you.

Outcomes from sales enablement

After the sales enablement work is done, you'll encounter gains in so many areas in sales and, optionally, beyond:

Icon of group of online clients Sales: Improved performance in opening, pitching, lead-nurturing and lead-warming. More proposals and higher conversion through use-cases and demos. Better objection-handling and closing rates.
Icon of two people shaking hands Client Services: Improvements in onboarding, servicing and reporting speeds and productivity. More cross-selling and up-selling. Improved client satisfaction in FAQs and tutorials. Improved problem resolution and retention.
Icon of vlogger Marketing: improvements in proposition, differentiation and market positioning. Successful growth in promotion, demand and lead-generation. And a stoinger reputation, better thought leadership, and more distinctive social media.
Icon of online pay-per-click advertising Digital: Increases in awareness, engagement and posting frequency and response. Also more traffic, clearer proposition standout, improved proof and higher demand. And more potent story-telling, story-finding, and digital visibility.


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