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Lead flow, nurturing and development are the foundation of your commercial growth. And they're among the most improvable parts of your enterprise. That's where we help. Firms both large and small use us to create beautiful data-driven videos that ignite enquiry, relationships and sales success.

Our lead and sales videos help you reduce the cost of sales, and compete harder. Whether you want to open the enquiry floodgates, reboot stalled prospects or to comprehensively address buying objections, our videos will help you deliver success.

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How Our Video Benefits You

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How Video can Lift Lead Generation

See what we did there? We took a dull office-based service (sorry SoPro) and made it interesting on an affordable budget - did you spot the seven ways we did that? Seriously, there are seven - book a demo and find out how they might apply to you.

Ask us for any kind of lead generating video you'd like, or ask us to suggest which format will work best, given your intentions.

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Visualise the Good You Do

Your firm contains a wealth of positive assets, which we use to reveal the good you do inside your sales cycle. Here's just a few:

Easy Project Steps

1Intentions.Share your prospecting ambition with us - choose key topics and model how useful leads here would be.

2Audience.We model your target audience traits and needs. We work backwards from here, starting with desired response and CTAs.

3Filming.We create beautiful, compelling on-brand content, revealing the good you do in authentic ways.

4Deployment.We share your videos on video hosts, video channels, website and deeply optimse for search.

5Emailing.We share your videos as teasers on email, and landing pages.

6Amplify.Over time, we watch, listen and learn and revise the videos and their placement for growing results.

Why Lead Generation Has Been Getting Harder

We're post-Trump, post-truth, post-Brexit, and all but post-Covid. During this period - and we've noticed for five years prior - B2B buyers have developed a growing preference for online search, selection and decision making. This was well documentented in the 2020 Gartner Buyer Enablement report, and it has an impact on your buyers too of course.

Which means that your prospective buyers expect much more from you. They want human authenticity, deployment and operational models explained, simulators brought to life, price guides and tools walked through by your team. All online. In short, they want everything which'll help them decide on their own - unaided by Zooms or meetings - whether you're on the shortlist. So bringing your proposition to life, making it more visible, real and helpful, well, that's really important from now on. And lead growth is the bedrock of all that.

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We cost between a freelancer and an agency. But deliver more.
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Our work usually takes 4-8 weeks, and your returns last up to 24 months.
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We measure, split-test and harvest everything possible in real time.
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"Marketing Films helped us reach new investors by explaining a complex proposition simply. Wonderful work. Lead by Tim, their team delivered broadcast quality to our urgent timescales and on budget. Superb results."

Waseem Shiraz, Chief Operating Officer at Cambridge Quantum Computing

"It's easy to find someone who can use a video camera. We struggled to find the skills to get beautiful shots which looked professional not gimmicky and the help to efficiently tell our story – and affordably. But then we found Marketing Films. We loved working with Tim – and got a great video which tells our story quickly, efficiently – and beautifully."

Tom Ball, CEO, Desklodge

"I would highly recommend Marketing Films. We've been working together on video project for NVM Private Equity and they've succeeded in bringing our company to life. Financial services is perceived as a very dull subject, but they have injected creativity, stylishness and successfully shown the real world of business investment. They've shown that it's not just about the numbers, but the people working hard to make it all work. They're passionate about what they do and extremely enthusiastic. They have this amazing talent at transforming the most wooden interviewee into a natural."

Liberty Bollen, Marketing Manager, NVM Private Equity

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