Ultimate Guide to Videos for Marketing

Win more prospects and clients with video for marketing. Blend promotional, editorial and guidance films to impact every part of the client journey, to enjoy more opportunities to convert. Which means more wins, growth and retention.

Which bolts rockets to your marketing, digital, sales, and account teams.

How to leverage video for marketing

When you're considering image, reputation or thought leadership, there are two perspectives - yours and your client's. Your clients' point of view is dramatically different from yours. They have to find your message among a blizzard of visual noise. You'll be engulfed if you just publish and hope. We believe in making and sharing videos with that in mind. In your inviolable right to combat the noise coming from your larger rivals. So here's how to leverage video for effective marketing:

And if you do even half that, you'll be way ahead of the competition. Do it all, and you'll be top of the pile. And you can ask us to help your in-house team, or outsource the whole job to us if you prefer.

Modern video production process

When you reach out to a video production company, you'll know in minutes if they're up to the job. Bad signs are pitching cameras, lighting and scripting at you. Good signs are talking business goals, buyer traits and website conversion. You can't afford a production-oriented video company - it's just too risky. So we champion your goals through four essential video production steps - with you in the driving seat on what stays in-house and what is outsourced.

Business commuters filmed


Define the ideal audiences, strategy, proposition, relevance and image
Motion of business people

Video Production

Convert with compelling interviews, films, website, copy, vlogs, SEO and imagery
Legs of moving business people

Content Publishing

Attract audiences with the ideal posts, profiles, engagement, influencers and groups
Legs of workers commuting

Videos for Presentations

Convince with custom prospecting, pitching, proposing, onboarding, upselling and training
Moving commuter legs

Remote Filming

Save on crew and travel with our advanced remote-filming techniques.

Visualise your future in workshops before you buy

We help you imagine your firm in the near future before you start fiming with us. Risk-free. We help you see a new look, a new client behaviour. How you'll become a remarkable, trusted company, noted for its wise views, with a rejuvenated proposition and client relevance. And more.

How you'll inspire new and existing clients to reach out and buy in larger number and with larger budgets. How sales will work with marketing and demand generation. How, with a human chime, ringing endorsements and trustworthy messaging, you'll be looking innovative and sociable. And how your brand has become evidently busy, luminous. Want to see the kind of video marketing workshops that will get you there?

Yes, I'd like a Video Marketing Demo

Fuel your team communications

Simply tell us how high you want your sales, marketing and client teams to aim and then, with our producers, prepare team video assets. You can outsource everything to us, or in-house parts of it. From the get-go, you'll feel the purpose, energy and relevance of your new video visibility. Video optimises client communications at every touchpoint. Whether it's web, social, email or documents, or events and meetings, you'll be presenting your best self to really impressed clients. We work with all your teams:

Sunlit digital team meeting

Video for Digital Teams

Rejuvenate demand with our video solutions for digital teams
Sunlit marketing team meeting

Video for Marketing Teams

Turn on the enquiry taps the with our video solutions for marketing teams
Sunlit sales meeting

Video for Sales Teams

Revitalise sales nurturing and closure with our video solutions for sales teams
Sunlit client team meeting

Video for Client Services

Grow client spend with our video solutions for client service teams

Example of a video production package

See what we did there?
We took an office-based company that saw themselves as visually dull (you're so not, SoPro) and in 9 videos, made them relevant and interesting on an affordable budget (they ranged from home page taster to explainers and sales persuaders). Book a demo and find out how this will work for you.

And here's how the client reacted...

Be found, be seen, with robust video strategies

Amplify your marketing and content potency with video strategies. These act like You can use video in client communications to optimise every touchpoint. Whether it's web, social, email or documents, or events and meetings, you should present your best self and out-perform rivals. Do this in-house, or outsource it to us.

Office chair and floor

Visible business

Build your demand, enquiries, closures and retentions with business visibility
Video still of founder in office

Brand archetypes

Connect more magnetically when you align your brand and buyer archetypes
Video still of founder in office

Sales enablement

Grow faster and build salesteam firepower with video sales enablement
Group of video marketing clients

Book a demo and start filming in under a month

Get your team turbo-charged quickly. Visible Business is for marketing, digital, sales and client services teams. Our experts will firm up your project or campaign in weeks, and partner with your team throughout, listening and inspiring equally. Here's what you'll discover in your demo:

Some of Britain's highest growth firms trust us to deliver their marketing visibility. Join them. You'll be championed by the UK's most enterprising video agency.

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Venture Capital
'Many thanks for a successful project - we thought the videos were fantastic. Very digitally attentive, aesthetically creative and conclusively a robust piece of work.

Marketing Films Client Amadeus
Saket Narula, IR Manager, Amadeus Capital Partners (LinkedIn)

Private Equity
Marketing Films succeeded in bringing our company to life. Financial services is perceived as a very dull subject, but they injected creativity, stylishness and successfully shown the real world of business investment.

Marketing Films Client NVM
Liberty Bollen, Marketing Manager, NVM Private Equity (LinkedIn)

Private Equity
Marketing Films bring an incredible ability to interview, to ask intelligent questions and get into useful depth, which creates a better video. They extended our origination and really captured personality.

Marketing Films Client Dunedin
Claire McCorquodale, Marketing Manager, Dunedin Private Equity (LinkedIn)


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