Video Production For Sales Teams

Improve your closure with our convincing and guiding films. When you build cases, reveal surprises and handle objections with trustworthy expertise, your company shines. Which inspires new business to close and targets to pop.

Video for Sales Teams

We get the pressures inside your team - challenging targets, declining leadpools, tight client budgets. And to make things spicier, accelerating competition, and the daily responsibility of changing clients' hearts and minds. We have our own sales team, so we know.

That's why we developed Visible Business. To free you from these burdens. We bonded three powerful disciplines together - film, sales and strategy. Each tailored to your precise niches, your competitive landscape, and your sales team. Within a powerful sales enablement strategy.

As a bonus, your films integrate seamlessly with your digital, marketing and account management teams too. One voice. One vision.


Hit your sales targets

Focus on what's most important to you - reputation, social proof, lead generation or prospecting, pitching, proposing, objection-handling, closing. Or your own personal blend of these.

Improve your sales assets and conversion

Reach beyond video - have us develop your vlogging, website, photography, copy, imagery, decks and docs. And all with the same voice, same vision, same calibre. With our video production and remote filming services.

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Visualise your proposition

Squeeze the maximum from our quick and comprehensive proposition and visual tone process which helps you settle on the best expression of your proposition, for you and for your prospects.

Build the unimprovable sales kit

Together with our experienced team, develop films to cover every need, every prejudice, every objection that your clients reveal. Clear barriers to closure with clearly and positivley articulated cases. Know that we're on your side. With our video presentations.

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Control your investment

Budget as much or as little as you like, and adjust as you go, depending on your goals and ambition. Commission either a one-off sales assets project or an ongoing conversion campaign.

How it Works

Icon of magnet attracting hearts1. Workshops: together, we set out your sales and buyer enablement, creating the content plans from Nirvana
Icon of video camera2. Production: we film and finalise video content, transcripts, variants, stills, snippets, extracts and supporting assets
Icon of website on computer3. Publishing: we publish all the planned assets in multiple formats in private web cannels and pages, email templates, decks and documents
Icon of pie chart, data and looking glass4. Tracking: we switch on UTMs and then track-adjust as we go - you can take over as early or late as you like
Icon of two people shaking hands5. Closures: your desired sales closure improvements start landing. You feel Shangri-la.

Our Team Joins With Your Team

When you become a Marketing Films client, at all times you'll have a sales champion driving your project and its aims. Prospects, nurturing, objections handled and closures are all sales champions think about. But there's a bigger team of content people behind your champion, living and breathing your goals. Choose from as many or few of these:

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Book a sales team demo and start filming in under 3 weeks

Get your sales turbo-charged quickly. Our client team will firm up your project or campaign in weeks, and partner with your team throughout, listening and inspiring equally. Here's what you'll discover in your demo:

Some of Britain's highest growth firms trust us to deliver their marketing visibility. Become one, and be championed by the UK's most enterprising video agency.

Yes, I'd like a Video for Sales Demo

Aritifical Intelligence Software
Marketing Films helped us reach new investors by explaining a complex proposition simply. Wonderful work. Their team delivered broadcast quality to our urgent timescales and on budget. Superb results.

Marketing Films Client CQC
Waseem Shiraz, COO, Cambridge Quantum Computing (LinkedIn)

Private Equity
Marketing Films bring an incredible ability to interview, to ask intelligent questions and get into useful depth, which creates a better video. They extended our origination and really captured personality.

Marketing Films Client Dunedin
Claire McCorquodale, Marketing Manager, Dunedin Private Equity (LinkedIn)

Venture Capital
'Many thanks for a successful project - we thought the videos were fantastic. Very digitally attentive, aesthetically creative and conclusively a robust piece of work.

Marketing Films Client Amadeus
Saket Narula, IR Manager, Amadeus Capital Partners (LinkedIn)


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