Targeting The Wisest Video Marketing Strategy

When you want video to work hard for you, targeting ensures your message is right for the right people in the right places. You'll transform your video results, because it's the cornerstone of relevance.

Targeting impacts everywhere. In marketing personas, sales objection handling, onboarding eager clients, upselling lucratives and account managing ambassadors. Which means more - and higher-value - clients.

Put a roar in your relevance with targeting

It's easy to overlook targeting. Because clients always feel familiar to us, they bring us confirmation bias. Yet often, our bias is flawed. Clients drift. They're drawn to alternatives, to the steady tides of innovation. And when you're out of step with clients, they become someone else's gain.

Our targeting work corrects that. You'll acquire freshness and relevance within your outlook. Because we're focused on finding ideal gaps, opportunities and needs. In demand generation, in marketing conversion. Trends and market itches just waiting to be scratched.

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Research Workshop

We find your gaps and opportunities, top topics and shrewd angles with client and competitor research, and positioning. And we bring these to you in an absorbing workshop. Here's how:

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Content Strategy Workshop

We freshen up your brand expression and proposition, select the ideal formats and message platform. We develop clear roles for your content - whether they're about brand visibility, brand expression or sales enablement. And we spec out supporting tools and scheduling. And we tease them all out in a collaborative workshop. Here's how:

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Creative Workshop

We modernise your image with creative development, story planning, image, videography and photography visual planning. And in a pair of engrossing workshops, we develop a clear brief, and share solutions. Here's how:

Pulling it all together

When our workshops are done, you'll have in your hands solid market insights, a clear and tailored strategy and powerful creative designs. Together these will provide the necessary rails on which your video and content production project will run.

Return on video investment

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