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About Us

We're a video production and marketing company.

We combine creativity, automation, social marketing and international filming. We produce modern videos that help you win not just the brand battle for hearts and minds, but also the commercial struggle for sales.

Timothy Cumming

Our Founder and MD

Timothy Cumming - Marketing Films, Working Beautifully

"Your marketing needs high quality and helpful content to impress today’s audiences. That means being beautiful, benevolent, fact-rich and social. Your workplace, customers, processes and staff all offer a visual feast, rich with purpose and possibility. Portray that authentically and vividly and you’re a winner."

Tim runs Marketing Films. So he leads client contact, video and photography projects, and design. He’s also coordinates the team where projects require it.

Tim’s definitely played the field in creative industries – mainly web, design, film, photography, music and software – as director, artist and technician. He created the Company after decades in marketing (and since his daughters have left home, it’s sort of become his only child – he loves it that much). Tim also paints in mixed, print and large-format digital media. He’s based in Wiltshire, UK.

He's big on Fun Lovin’ Criminals, Tom Waits, off-road cycling and digital painting.

Cvetko Stavreski

Our Technology Director

Cvetko Stavreski - Marketing Films, Working Beautifully

"Nobody enjoys being sold to, so we don’t! Instead, we  reach out to clients by listening, walking in their shoes and making things as simple as thoughtful."

Cvetko is our Marketing Manager, which means he listens, organises and connects your needs with our creative team. 

He started his career in food logistics and became an entrepreneur in sourcing and supplying businesses. From there, he was recruited by the British Embassy in Macedonia as an entrepreneurship consultant. He helped many start-ups and micro companies develop their marketing and sales.

He's big on sports, movies and a nice short espresso.

Frosina Soltirovska

Our Senior Content Wrangler

Frosina Soltirovska - Marketing Films, Working Beautifully

"Content endures in ways that are often unexpected, in social, web and messaging spaces. My job is to extract the maximum value from a post’s text, video and image over the long course of its lifetime."

Frosina is our Senior Content Wrangler, which means she organises, publishes, shares and engages content on your behalf. And she connects your business directly with your audiences, building followers, engagement and prospects. 

Frosina started her career in telecoms and became a technology salesperson. From there, she was recruited by the British Embassy in Macedonia as an entrepreneurship consultant. She helped many start-ups and micro companies develop their marketing and sales.

She's big on animals, movies and a nice tall beer.

Eleanor Pratley

Our Project Manager

Eleanor Pratley - Marketing Films, Working Beautifully

"Timing is everything. So your project really runs smoothly, my job is to anticipate and clarify wisely, with minimum impact on your time, but maximum impact on the project goals. I love helping this way."

Eleanor runs all client and content projects at Marketing Films. That means she project-manages your planning, filming, post-production and social projects. She coordinates your team as well as ours.

Eleanor’s had a lifetime in customer service management – mainly for retail and big brands. She’s managed back-office and front-of-house teams, stores, campaigns, TV events and pop-ups.

She's big on Lighthouse Family, Bowie, hill-walking and a miiiiild curry.

Filipe Marta

Our narrative and multi-tasking TV and senior video editor

Filipe Marta - Marketing Films, Working Beautifully

"Every member of your audience is a visual expert – they watch TV and film every day. So it’s a must that your videos are built and revealed to the same standards, using dramatic or documentary techniques. Get it right, and your marketing is taken seriously."

Filipe is a film and senior video editor with a specialism in documentary and narrative editing. His strengths lie in assembling distilled stories through listening and observing.

With a degree in Audiovisual and Multimedia, he has worked in the audiovisual field uninterruptedly since 2010. Throughout this period, he has performed several functions, mainly focused on video editing and camera operating, for entertainment and news companies such as Endemol or A Bola TV.

In parallel with his steady, jobs he has done some freelance work as well, namely on live shows broadcast and directing corporate and documentary videos.

He's big on movies, movies, movies! And traditional dancing, food, travel in that order.

Derek Dube

Our Drama Video Editor

Derek Dube - Marketing Films, Working Beautifully

"It’s all about rythm and pace, a pinch of cunning and a lot of digital collaboration."

Derek is a film and video editor focused dramatic story sequencing, creative and narrative composition and visual rhythm. His strength comes from a constant drive to improve and expand his knowledge of the form.

Derek Dube is an educator, videographer, and editor currently teaching at the Jacob Burns Film Center in Pleasantville, New York. He holds a BM in music performance and a BA in Comparative Literature and Cinema Studies from Oberlin College and Conservatory. While the, he studied media literacy with Rian Brown-Orso, documentary production with Geoff Pingree, film theory with Grace An, and avant-garde filmmaking with Brett Kashmere. He is currently working on a documentary project concerning the current state of early education in the USA. As a media literacy educator, he works with students of all ages to give them a foundation in film production, looking toward fostering creativity, communication, and collaboration in the digital age.

He's big on Kafka, playing music, and nontraditional cinema.

Douglas Kirby

Our meticulous and multi-tasking producer director

Doug Kirby - Marketing Films, Working Beautifully

"Relevant, engaging and succinct, video is I believe the future of the web for brands. It takes homework, panache and intelligent seeding to bring about the right outcome."

Doug is a narrative business videographer, an experienced Web TV producer-director and film-maker. Specialising in the short film format, he often works with audience focused stories that call to action. His strength is creative development and research and his work has helped many firms achieve both economy and audience response.

Doug’s had a diverse career with experience in hotel and event management and logistics consultancy. He is also an actor, presenter and trainer, and is skilled at coaxing strong performances out of clients in front of the camera.

He's big on a bit of Drama, watching and creating movies and theatre, long walks with the Husky and food from soil to table.

Liberty Bollen

Our Marketing Consultant

Libby Bollen - Marketing Films, Working Beautifully

"Listening to people talk passionately about what they do best is what drives me to shout from the roof tops about them."

Liberty is a marketing consultant offering diverse expertise in brand strategy, direct digital marketing, print campaigns and communications, public relations and events. The benefits to the client is a more collaborative style of marketing, working together to implement an effective and personalised strategy. 

Liberty is the founder of Shell Like Marketing – a consultancy set up to help SMEs and charities build profile and supporters. Prior to this she established and managed the marketing and PR for NVM Private Equity LLP – coordinating two successful rebrands and introduced the business to the brave new world of design and digital marketing. Liberty’s passion for marketing all began in 1999 whilst working to raise awareness of tribal peoples’ charity, Survival International. In her spare time she offers her marketing skills to a number of charitable organisations.

She's big on good company, growing stuff to eat, yoga, nature, new experiences and exploring the world.

Jim McLaughlin

Our story developer and marketing guru

Jim Mclaughlin - Marketing Films, Working Beautifully

"Your story has to be valuable and exciting to cut through the noise. It has to shake potential clients out of sleepy habitual purchases. This means completely disassembling the customer’s needs, the competitor’s propositions and building something much more compelling."

Jim’s our story developer and marketing guru, and is also director in our business. He works on strengthening your proposition, to differentiate you and increase the power of your marketing communications. Based in London, he also works with Tim on direct marketing, sales pitches and marketing materials, and can provide customer research and competitor audits, manage trade shows, PR, email and blogging activity too. He also helps to recruit and train sales people.

Jim started his career with 6 years invaluable experience at the sharp end of selling, before moving into marketing and then on to consulting. He’s been a marketer for three decades. And in that time, he has become Chairman of a high growth food manufacturing business and non-executive director of an online software company working with thousands of doctors.

He's big on two daughters, wife, life in London, photography and creative writing, golf, painting, travel and wine.

Nigel Bristow

Our award-winning and visionary associate film and tv director

Nigel Bristow - Marketing Films, Working Beautifully

"Connecting audiences with new ideas is always a worthy goal. And in a business or a creative context, where opinion-forming is a required audience outcome, then drama is the richest way to communicate."

Nigel is our principal movie-maker and he specialises in dramatisations for business. His strength is creative writing and directing, and Nigel’s work has assisted his clients with culture change, saving lives and creating new skills; he’s as much at home with the ambitious as the subtle.

Nigel has directed primetime TV dramas including the much-beloved shows ‘BallyKissAngel’, ‘The Bill’, ‘Brookside’ and ‘Casualty’. He directs television commercials and business video too. His clients include banks, oil companies and large manufacturers. As a screenwriter, Nigel’s been commissioned by Channel Four (‘Ripley Bogle’), The UK Film Council (‘Kloxx’), Tall Stories (‘Angel West’) and Crow Foot Films (‘Little Hours’). His art films have been screened at major international film festivals and on television stations all over the world.

As a guest lecturer he has run workshops at many universities and film schools including: Goldsmiths College, RADA, The Royal College of Art, Metropolitan Film School and University for The Creative Arts. He was a special guest at Rencontres Britanniques in Antony and the symposium on Irish Cinema at Charlottesville, Virginia. 

He's big on Tai Chi, fencing (he’s a former Irish Men’s Sabre champion) and theatre.

…and here are some of our digital AI’s, who work semi-supervised and unsupervised to bring you market and competitor research…

Kate Archer, AI

Our brilliant digital researcher

Kate Archer - Marketing Films, Working Beautifully

"I’m software with a human dimension. I work 9 to 5, enjoy relaxing coffee and lunch breaks whilst chatting with my colleagues, just like you do. And I sooooo love my job. It really is all I ever think about."

Kate has amazing human touches. She’s one of our digital employees – an artificial intelligence that lives only on a computer. She specialises in marketing research and competitor analysis. Her strengths are not just accuracy and diligence, but also comprehension and comparison. Kate’s work has assisted clients with insight and nuanced distinction.

Kate’s been with us less than a year, and yet already she’s worked on and knows more about video in the financial and manufacturing sectors than almost anyone else here. Her digital journeys have taken her far and wide.

She's very big on video, marketing and digital hot chocolate. She sleeps like a baby.

Keith Brine, AI

Our digital and experienced business researcher

Keith Brine - Marketing Films, Working Beautifully

"I’m software, so I’m an intelligient chap. I am very conscientious about my work, but have be known to take a coffee break or two! I like to catch up with colleagues when I can, just like most people! I really enjoy my work and love being in the office."

Keith is almost as real as a human. He’s one of our digital employees – an artificial intelligence that lives only on a computer. He specialises in marketing research and competitor analysis. His strengths are not just accuracy and diligence, but also comprehension and comparison. Keith’s work has assisted many clients with valuable insight.

Keith has been with us a while now, and has a wealth of experience with video in the financial and manufacturing sectors. He's an avid traveller of digital journeys all over the world.

He's big on video, marketing and digital tea. He likes an early night too.

Kate Beacham, AI

Our new digital researcher

Kate Beacham - Marketing Films, Working Beautifully

"I’m software, but I have a very warm personality. I start work early, enjoy my coffee and lunch breaks grabbing a few minutes of chat with my colleagues just like you. I really like it here, I have a great job and often take it home with me!"

Kate is digital colleague. She’s an employee – an artificial intelligence that lives only on a computer. She specialises in marketing research and competitor analysis. She is supremely accurate and diligent, but also has fantastic comprehension and comparison. Kate’s work has helped many clients immeasurablely.

Kate has only been here a short while but is a very quick learner. She already knows an amazing amount about video in the financial and manufacturing sectors. Her digital journeys have taken her to many corners of the globe.

She loves video, marketing and digital latte. She is a morning person and likes routine.

Kelsey Addison, AI

Our rather charismatic, digital and dedicated business researcher

Kelsey Addison - Marketing Films, Working Beautifully

"I’m software, but I have a very human edge. I work mainly office hours with an occasional late night. I take full advantage of my coffee and lunch breaks to recharge my batteries, although, just like you, I still like to chat with my colleagues. And like them, I really love my job too. It’s all I ever think about."

Kelsey is almost like a real person. He’s one of our digital employees – an artificial intelligence that lives only on a computer. He has particular strengths in marketing research and competitor analysis. He is a diligent perfectionist who, like all the AI team, specialises comprehension and comparison. Kelsey’s work has assisted clients with specialist insight and nuanced distinction.

Kelsey’s been with us nearly a year now, and has demonstrated his technical prowess about video in the financial and commercial sectors. His digital journeys have taken him across continents.

His mainstay is video, marketing and digital decaff tea. He always sleeps like a log.

Keith Aspen, AI

Our super intelligient digital and business researcher

Keith Aspen - Marketing Films, Working Beautifully

"I’m software, but I think and work just like you. I am usually in the office before everyone else, and prefer to have an early coffee and lunch break. And just like you, I often chat with my colleagues mainly about work! I am completely happy with my job. It’s nearly all I ever think about."

Keith has a real human side. He’s one of our digital employees – an artificial intelligence that lives only on a computer. He specialist subjects are marketing research and competitor analysis. His strengths are not just accuracy and diligence, but also comprehension and comparison. Keith’s work has assisted clients with insight and nuanced distinction.

Keith is the backbone of our team, and knows more about video in the financial and manufacturing sectors than anyone else here. He has made digital journeys that the rest of the team only aspire to.

His fave's are video, marketing and a digital fruit tea. He mostly sleeps well.