Clear video strategies

Universally - and painfully - corporate video strategy pursues the story of self. Most frequently, capabilities, team, proposition. But B2B buyers don't award contracts on the basis of 'us' any more.

Instead, they prefer to see your understanding of their world. The top two causes of B2B wins are situational understanding and industry understanding, according to Gartner (2022).

So video strategies that demonstrate these two understandings - which adopt noticeable empathy with the buyer's position - give you an advantage.

Generate buyers with video strategy

It's hardly surprising that your videos will generate better results if they truly embrace buyer needs.

In our strategy workshop, with our easy guide process, you'll choose from over 70 strategies founded on this empathetic shift. Strategies such as Characterisation, Analogy, Horizons, Crisis or Testimony - each has its own unique approach.

For viewers, buyer-assist videos build trust. For you, that's sales nirvana.

Actionable video makes buying easy.

Start your video rejuvenation

Book a 30-minute discovery session to see where buyer-assist videos would best work on your website and social media. At the very worst, you'll have ideas for sales growth, for free.

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