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Your visual identity is the bedrock of your website's believability. With a strong identity, your firm can enjoy more than 70% increases in dwell time, and 25% improvement in bounce rates. And of course, visitors like you more. Ratings improvements of over 40% are not uncommon. Firms both large and small ask us to create beautiful visual identities that ignite enquiry, relationships and sales success.

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Visual identity: what's included in your project

We'll be rebang-up-to-dateing your image and your core messaging in a studio-and-workshopped way, bringing bang-up-to-date research, new insights, and stunning creative visuals to your project. Your new visual identity will include:

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Why Visual Identity is Growing in Importance

Visual identity - 2021 stat

Two big reasons - there's the +70% statistic above. It's the result of market research over the last few years using our own video search engine, which we built for the task. But there's also a second big reason. Over the last five years, B2B buyers have developed a growing preference for online search, selection and decision making. Trust in websites is rising, while trust in the conventional sales team and processes is falling. This was well documentented in the 2020 Gartner Buyer Enablement report, and it has an impact on your buyers too of course.

Which means that your prospective buyers expect much more from you digitally. Look no further than yourself for proof. How quickly do you move away from B2B sites you don't like? Ones that lack human authenticity, or which just underwhelm you?

If there's one lead generation duty we all have today, it's to embrace buyer enablement. That could be to reveal - professionally, visually - how inspiring, reliable and trustworthy we are.

In short, buyers want to trust you - unaided by Zooms or meetings - before they consider you. So bringing your proposition to life, making it more visible, characterful and authentic, well, that's really important from now on. So says Gartner. And visual identity is the container and context for all this. And as our own research shows, a likely gain of 40-90% in attention quite possibly awaits you.

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A new visual identity costs between £10-20k depending on the scale of research and brand legacy.
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Our work usually takes 6-12 weeks, with your returns lasting up to 5 years.
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We measure, split-test and harvest everything possible before and over the life of the brand.
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Testimonials for Our Video Production and Marketing Work

Venture Capital
"Many thanks for a successful project - we thought the videos were fantastic. Very digitally attentive, aesthetically creative and conclusively a robust piece of work."

Saket Narula, IR Manager, Amadeus Capital Partners

Private Equity
"Marketing Films bring an incredible ability to interview, to ask intelligent questions and get into useful depth, which creates a better video. They extended our origination and really captured personality."

Claire McCorquodale, Marketing Manager, Dunedin Private Equity

Email Marketing
"We never expected the level of impact that we got with video, and it gave our business the professional gravitas that we needed. From 50 to 200 people in two years, video was a part of that rapid expansion."

Ryan Welmans, CEO, SoPro Marketing

Aritifical Intelligence Software
"Marketing Films helped us reach new investors by explaining a complex proposition simply. Wonderful work. Their team delivered broadcast quality to our urgent timescales and on budget. Superb results."

Waseem Shiraz, Chief Operating Officer at Cambridge Quantum Computing

Managed Office Space
"We wanted shots which looked professional not gimmicky, and affordable story-telling. We loved working with Marketing Films. We got great videos which tell our story quickly, efficiently - and beautifully."

Tom Ball, CEO, Desklodge

Private Equity
"Marketing Films succeeded in bringing our company to life. Financial services is perceived as a very dull subject, but they injected creativity, stylishness and successfully shown the real world of business investment."

Liberty Bollen, Marketing Manager, NVM Private Equity

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