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Reassuringly Commercial, Beating COVID-19

Convert more prospects at every stage of the PR, marketing and sales cycle. Work through COVID-19. With powerful content, intelligent insights and reassuringly commercial films.

6 ways a Marketing Film works for you

1. Relevant Content. Each video brings superb relevance to your audience. With a messaging strategy sensitive to COVID-19 should you wish it.

2. High Conversion. Each video can be designed to appeal to individual viewers and analyse their preferences, converting the data into valuable leads.

3. Easy Integration. Slotting comfortably into every key stage of your PR, marketing and sales cycle and continually evolving to attract and appeal to your B2B audience.

4. Steady Results. Solid, predictable results that you can track throughout the process.

5. Improves Closing. More business, through an engaged audience of qualified leads.

6. Returns Control. Puts real marketing power back in your hands.


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What's Better Than Video?

A beautiful well-made video is a real marketing asset, right? Not in our book. It has to earn its keep.

A Marketing Film:

  1. Tracks how people are reacting to your proposition (with opinion, B2B emotion and conversion analysis)
  2. Specifically targets your B2B audience and reassures them with compelling, relevant content (sensitive to their COVID-19 experience, and including your response - we have strong processes for this)
  3. Finds the optimal narrative (PR, marketing or sales) to share with your best leads (with live creative testing)
  4. Shows your B2B viewer they are the only person who matters (with personalised reactive content)
  5. Increases your viewer’s engagement (with branching choices)
  6. Directs self-electing leads straight to your inbox (with visual prospecting)
  7. Continually converts more customers (with topical relevance)

It's All About the Numbers

You value client trust, reassuring processes and stability. You like software and innovation. But. More than anything, you know it's about the numbers. Like our clients, you're ready to move on from video alone. Here's why they have:

  1. Substance: Our clients don’t want style over substance, or shiny creative awards. They want business results and conversion.
  2. Perusasion: They don't want mere brand narratives, or passions. They want editorial that embraces compelling B2B emotions working persuasively at all levels of the PR, marketing and sales funnels.
  3. Reassurance: And no-one wants to be brave with their marketing. Stabs in the dark. They want reassuring tried, tested and proven methods.
  4. Conversion: Above all broad, vague claims don't cut it with our clients. They want demonstrable conversion pulling in real numbers.

So we're really not our competitors. And because we know what our clients want, we know you'll like our muscular scrummage of creative, technology and marketing experts. It is, really, all about the numbers.

What Our Clients Say...

"Marketing Films helped us reach new investors by explaining a complex proposition simply. Wonderful work. Lead by Tim, their team delivered broadcast quality to our urgent timescales and on budget. Superb results."

Waseem Shiraz, Chief Operating Officer at Cambridge Quantum Computing

"It’s easy to find someone who can use a video camera. We struggled to find the skills to get beautiful shots which looked professional not gimmicky and the help to efficiently tell our story – and affordably. But then we found Marketing Films. We loved working with Tim – and got a great video which tells our story quickly, efficiently – and beautifully."

Tom Ball, CEO, Desklodge

"I would highly recommend Marketing Films. We’ve been working together on video project for NVM Private Equity and they've succeeded in bringing our company to life. Financial services is perceived as a very dull subject, but they have injected creativity, stylishness and successfully shown the real world of business investment. They've shown that it’s not just about the numbers, but the people working hard to make it all work. They're passionate about what they do and extremely enthusiastic. They have this amazing talent at transforming the most wooden interviewee into a natural."

Tom Ball, CEO, Desklodge

...and How Our clients Feel



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