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Case studies of videos that reach new buyers

Since 2013, we've helped hundreds of B2B, professional and financial firms reach new buyers, with over 4,100 stories, earning 3.8m+ views. Here are some of our cases:

Video still from Action For Me project

Action For Me: Gift-aid fund-raiser video and social snippets for UK's leading M.E. charity

Video still from Bloodhound project

Bloodhound: Video suite for UK's 1,000mph world land speed record engineers

Video still from Mayor Of London project

Mayor Of London: Micro documentary on volunteering initiative for Mayor's Office

Video still from Neardesk project

Neardesk: Investor and customer videos for visionary workspace firm

Video still from Team London project

Team London: Launch promotion and participant interviews for Team London

Video still from Vesta project

Vesta: Seed investor video for revolutionary UK social enterprise, Vesta

Our outreach clients

Our clientele is as diverse as the solutions we offer. From start-ups crafting their narrative to giants recalibrating their brand voice, we cover the gamut. Industry sector? Varied. Telecommunications, fintech, healthcare, you name it; they've all seen the Marketing Films' touch. Size? From large to small. Challenges? Welcome.

Why campaigns beat projects

Let's talk evolution, not revolution. The advantage of a rolling monthly campaign? It's learning to dance, not just memorizing steps. Adaptive, responsive, and built on the solid ground of continual feedback. A one-off might sparkle, but sustained campaigns? They shine and keep shining—brighter every month as we tweak, tailor, and perfect.

Crushing risk

Reduced risk, you say? Interactive video's charm lies in its two-way street. It learns from its audience, shapes their journey, and thus, sharpens its own efficacy. With a persistent campaign, this evolution transforms into a strategy finely attuned to the nuances of your audience's behavior. Less guessing, more knowing. Proof? Just beneath this very text. Your ROI isn't just visible; it's indisputable. Doubt? Out the window.

Meet our team

By now, curiosity must be nibbling at your decision synapses. Good. It's time for a demonstration—where we move from telling to showing, the kind you’ll want to see in action. Book a demo. Witness—the undeniable power of video in framing narratives, moulding perceptions, and… converting leads. Our demure, but strongly advised, next step awaits.

Any further persuasion required? Should you desire it, we stand, with evidence, at the ready. Click. Watch. Believe.

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