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Case studies of videos that upsell existing clients

Since 2013, we've helped scores of B2B, professional and financial firms upsell clients, with over 4,100 stories, earning 3.8m+ views. Here are some of our cases:

Video still from Hertz Europe project

Hertz Europe: Documentary video for Hertz Europe's international conference

Video still from Kee Safety project

Kee Safety: Investment Explainer for World Leading Fall Safety Manufacturer, Kee Safety

Video still from Kirton Healthcare project

Kirton Healthcare: Case study of seating specialist Kirton Healthcare and backer NVM

Video still from Lpfa project

Lpfa: Pensions membership conference for the UK's largest public sector pension operator

Video still from Peppermint Technology project

Peppermint Technology: Sales Support Videos for Number 1 UK Legal Software Providers, Peppermint

Video still from Silverwing For Nvm project

Silverwing For Nvm: Case study for oil industry robot manufacturers and backers NVM

Unlock the potential of upsell and cross-sell video

Ever wondered if you're truly maximizing your customer's lifecycle value? If that thought keeps you up at night, then it's high time to consider the indubitable leverage of upsell and cross-sell website videos. Why? Well, imagine a silent salesperson, tirelessly working 24/7, nudging your clients towards that premium package or additional service you offer—result: enhanced revenue without the added legwork.

At Marketing Films, we don't just play with the big fish or the tiny tadpoles—we cater to all. Our client portfolio is as diverse as your grandmother's knitting patterns, ranging from startups to multinational corporates, straddling various sectors including tech, finance, healthcare, and more. In other words, our upsell and cross-sell video mastery is industry agnostic. Diversity. It's not just a buzzword around here.

Let's acknowledge the long game versus quick wins. Sure, the allure of a one-off project is strong, but the magic truly happens with a rolling monthly campaign. It's like comparing a one-hit wonder to a timeless classic. A continuous campaign means iterative learning, adaptive content, and ultimately, a honed message that resonates stronger and converts quicker. Continuous improvement, it's not just for manufacturing geeks.

Now, you may well already know about interactive video. With this kind of video, the risk of stepping on a marketing landmine is drastically reduced. How? Because our content evolves based on user interaction. It's like a choose-your-own-adventure book, but for your profit margins. And the result is a double whammy: your video marketing stays ruthlessly effective while the guesswork takes a backseat. Reduced risk, increased ROI. Simple.

Skeptical? Great. Action is a click away. Book a demo with us and witness firsthand the compelling proof that our video marketing strategies deliver. Because let's face it, in a world where time is currency, seeing is both believing and profiting.

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