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Case studies of videos that generate demand

Since 2013, we've helped hundreds of B2B, professional and financial firms generate demand on their websites, with over 4,100 stories, earning 3.8m+ views. Here are some of those cases:

Video still from 4C project

4C: Suite of video explainers for one of the UK's leading cost consultancies

Video still from Ada Economics project

Ada Economics: Suite of marketing videos for specialist economic forecaster

Video still from Amadeus project

Amadeus: Remotely-filmed case study for one the UK's leading venture capital funds

Video still from Aurum project

Aurum: Suite of marketing videos for the UK's most successful fund of hedge funds

Video still from Brigade Electronics project

Brigade Electronics: Product Dramatisation for World Leading Vehicle Safety Manufacturers, Brigade Electronics

Video still from Cawood Scientific project

Cawood Scientific: Services explainer for land and environment laboratory analysts

Video still from Charlton House project

Charlton House: Video website, films and content for the UK's largest Digital Adoption Platform consultancies

Video still from Desklodge project

Desklodge: Promo and investor video for Bristol workspace revolutionaries

Video still from Dunedin project

Dunedin: Video branding and explainer suite for one the UK's leading midcap private equity firms

Video still from Nvm project

Nvm: Business profile and feature video series for NVM Private Equity

Video still from Progress Music Academy project

Progress Music Academy: Expertise video package for Birmingham's leading music tutors

Video still from Rockpool project

Rockpool: Investment Services Explainers for UK Boutique Private Equity Firm, Rockpool

Video still from Siemens project

Siemens: Video promos for Northern Powerhouse manufacturing campaign at world-class electronics firm

Video still from Sopro project

Sopro: Proposition taster for UK's leading email marketing firm

Video still from Tony Green Racing project

Tony Green Racing: Expertise profile for leading motorbike race exhaust engineers

Our demand generation clients

Take a gander above, and you'll find a kaleidoscope of case studies showcasing client gains. The sheer diversity of our clients speaks volumes - from fledgling startups that could fit inside a broom closet to monolithic enterprises that could square off with ancient pyramids. And our reach spans an eclectic range of sectors. Think of us as the marketing counterparts to a Swiss Army knife – versatile, sharp, and surprisingly compact.

Why campaigns outperform projects

It's easy to settle for a one-off homerun, but how about hitting a steady stream of base hits? There's a compelling argument for the potency of rolling monthly campaigns. Like a fine wine, they mature with age. Each month is a chance to refine, to adapt, to serve your narrative with a fresh twist. Or to put it plainly, we notice what makes your audience tick - and we don't stop there.

Continual improvement assured

Let's talk continual improvement. You've seen those nature documentaries where the predator learns, adapts, and evolves to become more efficient? Think of interactive video in those terms - only far less predatory and more partnership-oriented. It's listening, learning, tweaking the performance - reducing the peril of missing your mark, while nurturing the promise of your message. It's all about intelligent design over rolling the dice and hoping for snake eyes.

Start something big without the risk

Investment in video isn't just about dazzling visuals or dulcet tones – it's about the concrete evidence of success. You want proof of video marketing results, data on video ROI that you can take to the bank. That's our wheelhouse. And isn't that a thrilling prospect?

Convinced? Skeptical? Let's put those doubts to bed. Book a demo. See for yourself how the alchemy of our video wizardry can transmute potential into palpable success. And remember, in video marketing as in life - seeing is believing.

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