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You need purchase protections when you buy video in 2024

Video marketing is changing dramatically. To buying over selling. To interactive over linear. To improving over stalled. Brilliant changes. And we're adding our own. To safety over risk. Because we're committed to superior outcomes. You always have these 3 big protections to significantly lower your risk of buying video:

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1. You need constant fresh content

We commit to keeping your project up with the times. An always-fresh service promise. Today, in 2024, that means:

  1. a buyer-first approach to content planning
  2. an interactive-first mindset, though linear video has its place
  3. constantly enhancing content where needed, and removing the deadwood
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2. You need low monthly costs

You make small monthly payments with us until you're happy with the results. Then we continue at the same low rates. Yes you read that right.

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3. You need conversion targets and free corrective action

At the project start we agree conversion targets - not vague goals - that specify the level of conversion we're aiming for together. And you're assured of a free corrective action program, right afterwards, undertaken at our cost, if the campaign results fall short of the agreed brief. (This assurance applies only to monthly campaigns, not one-off projects.)

And your buyers are out there, still searching, sifting, networking, sharing, comparing, pricing and modelling. Ready for your new better stories. Your new marketing films.

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