Buyer Enablement Video electrifies leadflow

Create a steady flow of new enquiries with buyer enablement. Transform your website from self-centred to truly client-focused with enabling video and tools.

And turbocharge your marketing and sales results.

Why buyer enablement matters

Buyer enablement gives your prospective clients favourabe information and tools to make buying easier. Which means easier sales, bigger accounts and more clients. Asked and answered.

Self Bias Hurts You

Try this two-click bias test - Google your website for two orientations - 'us' versus 'you'. Just Google us|our|ours, and compare with you|your|yours replacing your domain). It's a rough test, and if your writing predominantly uses 'we' as a universal term rather than self reference, then the test may be less valid. But if you're writing 'normally', it's valid.

If your results show say 60:40 self-bias, oh dear. Rough parity would be better. But your focal bias should obviously be greater towards your client - anything close to 60:40 is good. Self-bias isn't solved by a clever website rewrite. No, it's solved by something that every business should have baked-in: embracing the client's perspective. Buyer enablement is a powerful practical strategy which does just that. And it works well with brand redevelopment too.

Client Bias Connects You

Essentially, anything online that describes or evaluates a client's future with you - in their terms - is buyer enablement. And video is brilliant for visualising a client's future. Which empowers them to choose you over others. Buyer enablement was a strategy half-observed, half-invented by Gartner in their wonderful analyis of B2B websites. And we've been deploying it since then with our clients. Imagine what you and your clients could achieve with video:

  1. discerning your offer - clients can distinguish your proposition clearly
  2. improving understanding - they absorb the rational reasons to buy from you
  3. modelling a future - they estimate the value of working with you
  4. winning bigger - attract larger clients, higher-calibre projects
  5. admiring process - clients are reassured by the simplicity of their journey
  6. building trust - clients get a feel for the kind of people you are
  7. feeling your passion - they see the conviction and belief you have in what you do
  8. speeding comparison - they compare you with alternatives favourably
  9. fast-track learning - speed client education on your services
  10. engaging better - engage digitally at every part of the sales cycle
  11. skyrocket prospecting - watch your lead generation climb sharply

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Which buyer assets are right for you?

Choose your buyer enablement videos by matching your investment to the profile of your performance in each of the areas below. Wherever your challenge is biggest, just focus spend there. Here are common problems in under-performing marketing:

Where to deploy your buyer enablement

Assigning investment to th eright areas in the right ways, wll that's always going to matter. Here's some practical inspiration:

Attracting clients

Attracting video example: Bloodhound attracted volunteer suppliers with this example

Attracter videos catch your clients' attention. Their job is to put a clear and relevant idea into the minds of your clients, and to inspire them to learn more.

Reassuring clients

Reassuring video example: 4C Associates used this video to assure their web visitors of their professionalism

Reassurer videos invite viewers into your world. Their job is to reveal your professionalism and expertise - in ways relevant to clients - and so build their interest in your firm.

Explainer videos

Explainer video example: ADA Economics used our video to explain their proposition and process

Explainer videos reveal how you work. Their job is to reveal processes and skills at work - in ways relevant to clients - and so build understanding and buyer alignment.

Persuader videos

Persuader video example: Brigade Electronics used our animations to persuade web visitors and conference delegates to enquire on the basis of key benefits

Persuader videos incite inquiry. Their job is to set out compelling reasons for clients to take the first step and contact you. They need to couched in terms beneficial for clients.

Video prospecting

Video prospecting example: CQC canvassed first-line investors with this explainer

Prospecting videos boost email conversion. Their job is to add reasurance and proposition depth to your email outreach - in ways that chime with clients - and so encourage contact.

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Creative team

Our creative team is ready to help you with developing buyer enablement. Ready to build ways to improve client-facing assets. These will be enrich and fortify your marketing perfomance. Together, we'll cover:

  1. the buyer workflows that impact marketing performance
  2. the handful of core messages that you want every viewer and reader to absorb, no matter what they see or read
  3. the priority and value of each asset, and their roles
  4. your marketing messaging priorities on the big six business emotions - confidence, optimism, surprise, empathy, trust and loyalty
  5. the adaptation, should you need it, of designs not just for your videos, but also your website, social profiles, email, pitches, Zooms, decks and docs
  6. the tracking of results and frequency of revisit for refreshing your buyer enablement pack

When the creative team finish their work, your buyer enablement videos will feel consistent, bang-on-message and commercially useful. And your your prospects will see you, feel you and know you.

Outcomes from buyer enablement

After the buyer enablement work is done, you'll encounter gains in so many areas in marketing, and, optionally, beyond::

Icon of vlogger Marketing: improvements in proposition, differentiation and market positioning. Successful growth in promotion, demand and lead-generation. And a stoinger reputation, better thought leadership, and more distinctive social media.
Icon of group of online clients Sales: Improved performance in opening, pitching, lead-nurturing and lead-warming. More proposals and higher conversion through use-cases and demos. Better objection-handling and closing rates.
Icon of two people shaking hands Client Services: Improvements in onboarding, servicing and reporting speeds and productivity. More cross-selling and up-selling. Improved client satisfaction in FAQs and tutorials. Improved problem resolution and retention.
Icon of online pay-per-click advertising Digital: Increases in awareness, engagement and posting frequency and response. Also more traffic, clearer proposition standout, improved proof and higher demand. And more potent story-telling, story-finding, and digital visibility.


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